A message from Kenny -

Hello Friends,

As we continue to live this new status quo I want to share a new guitar piece “Solitaire” that came out of our isolation. It’s dedicated to my dear wife Roberta who has been especially strong these days. Please feel free to download it and play it. I’ll publish it later, but for now it’s good to just get it up and out of the house.

We at Hill Guitar are continuing to offer our New World Guitars at the "Play From Home" 20% discount while things are so limited. Thankfully our work is by nature socially distanced so we feel confident sharing our wonderful guitars by shipping, and can even disinfect instruments before they go into the package.

In our custom shop are also able to make some truly unique guitars for individuals, somehow our imagination seems released in all this. We are still able to offer 10% discount on select Hill Guitars in inventory, please feel free to inquire about what you might be interested in.

I’m deeply grateful for our clients and friends who have been so encouraging. We continue trying to make the best of the present and build for the future.

Keep playing! It’s one of the best comforts we have.

Kenny Hill
May 2020