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CD from guitarist Kenny Hill

Classical guitarist Kenny Hill has been a performing musician since childhood, and now he has - at last - released his first CD of classical guitar music - international, mostly contemporary, all beautiful and distinctly personal.

Though he is widely recognized and respected as a guitar maker, this recording reflects a musical sensibility and profound, lifelong intimacy with the guitar that goes far beyond the ordinary. It is a compelling passage to many marvelous and mysterious musical realms. Go ahead, listen. It's a journey well worth taking.

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1. SERENADE(1952) - Lou Harrison
2. MINYO(1990) - Carlo Domeniconi
3. MYSTERIOUS HABITATS(1995) - Dusan Bogdonovitch
4. TIMES TWELVE (1989) - Leo Kottke
5. MILONGA - Eduardo Falu (b.1923- Argentina)
6. SONATA K.208/L.238- Domenico Scarlatti (1685-1757)
7. SONATA K.54/L241- Domenico Scarlatti
8-10. LITMUS DISTANCE(1982) - Takashi Yoshimatsu
Part 1, Bedouin in acid; Part 2, Bedouin in alkali.
11-14. KOYUNBABA(1985) - Carlo Domeniconi
15. WALTZ (1977)- Lou Harrison



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